9 responses to “NIMBY Nation: Mad as hell and I don’t blame ‘em. For now.

  1. Daniel

    I like this approach. A little pressure from neighbors can improve the quality of development, as long as everyone understands when to hold and when to fold. My own impression of the underlying cause of most NIMBYism is that it actually has more to do with cars than good design. Traffic impacts, parking, safety of children in streets are always at the top of the list of concerns, and I don’t believe these arguments are being used cynically. Unfortunately, many neighbors (quite reasonable) assume all American adults come with a car, and it’s the car they are most nervous about.

    A case in point is a neighborhood pool that was built by my city down the street our house. The design is amazing by all accounts, and pricing is set to make sure all city residents have a chance to use it. One would think neighbors would jump at this chance for a neighborhood amenity and place to walk to, however the impulse was opposition. It wasn’t because they didn’t trust the city to design it as planned, but because they worried pool visitors would overflow the lot and consume too much on-street parking. This concern outweighed any positive associations. The city went ahead an built it anyway (thankfully for me and my family!)

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