5 responses to “Getting Beyond ‘Mad as Hell’: Here’s hoping for a civic afterlife

  1. Brilliantly written, Ben… thanks! As it needs to be, for this topic.

  2. Thanks for this excellent piece. You are consistent, if nothing else my friend. I remember back in college when the Campus Coalition was trying to make change happen, you wouldn’t join with us until you saw that our commitment was to get something done, not just self-gratifying protest. Thanks for continuing to hold our feet to the fire.

  3. You said a mouth full. With the protests getting so much initial publicity and support, it was sad to see it fizzle so fast with no follow up.
    People used to be causcius about jumping into a protest event but today the frustration is so high, they have thrown caution to the wind along with follow through.
    Great article and thought provoking.

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