3 responses to “Snagging Gen-Y: Do Facebook ads work in public engagement?

  1. myurbangeneration

    Solid advice Scott. I should note that when I first started harping on Facebook ads (a couple of years ago) it was as an alternative to “Can you expect to be taken seriously” public notices in the back of the newspaper for road projects. Granted that is the lowest common denominator in public engagement, though I certainly think targeted internet advertising has the potential to exceed that low bar by leaps and bounds.

    It also depends on the size of the area. The more targeted your desired audience (geographically or otherwise) the easier and less expensive this kind of advertising will be and the easier it is to tailor the message as you recommend (if you say “we’re widening the street 2 blocks from your house” that may get people’s attention more, sadly, than “we’re shaping the future of your city”).

    I should also note that it’s not just a way to reach millenials. Older generations don’t read the 2×2 ads in the back of a paper newspaper either. My mom is on Facebook more than I am and definitely more often than she reads a paper newspaper.

    Perhaps the difference between millenials and the older generations is that Facebook may be one of the ONLY ways to reach some millennials who don’t read paper anything, attend church in lower numbers, don’t necessarily attend neighborhood association meetings etc etc. And that capturing the attention of Gen Y is essential because they are often the people who will desire what we’re offering and balance public meetings with a future forward perspective.

  2. Great article (once again). As a piece of information and entertainment, here is a link to a funny little animated video I did a while ago that speaks to the issue of communication for Planners that you may enjoy: http://bit.ly/KuIZUR
    Cheers, rjv

  3. MeISOE

    I think there are good points being made. Who isn’t more likely to pay attention to something that is more directly related to something they do, especially given the way we are bombarded with information (much of it something we want to read but don’t have time to absorb more than a few snippets). As someone who wants to capture the attention of all age groups and hopefully find ways to engage, does anyone have a suggestion on how to brush up on these skills? Creative writing? Public communication classes? Having to do more with less (meaning on my own) I need to really work on the selling of my planning work.

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