3 responses to “Return on No Investment

  1. Lisa Welch

    FYI there are no notes for the three google map pages, so I’m not sure what they are. Also, the file is HUGE. For some strange reason I went through the effort of cutting and pasted large photos as jpegs. The file is much smaller now.

  2. This conversation needs to continue… an over-the-edge idea, IMO. Kudos, Hazel!

  3. Hazel Borys

    Thanks, Lisa — the collaborative Google Maps are part of the Code Study, which tracks the places that have adopted form-based codes that are FBCI-compliant. The Study is co-authored by Emily Talen and me, but has hundreds of collaborators. You’ll find the maps here:
    SmartCodes Adopted
    SmartCodes in Progress
    Other Form-Based Codes
    More on the Code Study on SmartCode Complete. Feel free to add your own FBCI-compliant work, and let us know.

    Thanks, Steve. Care to define “an over-the-edge idea?”

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