Practitioner, advocate or activist, there’s always plenty going on in the pursuit of more livable communities. See below, and check back often as more come on line.

PlaceMaking @ Work Webinars
Form-Based Code Education
1 hour CNUa credit per month
With PlaceMaker Hazel Borys

Going Regional: Form-Based Regulations Beyond City | Howard Blackson | Aug 16
Market-Driven Smart Growth | Lee Sobel | Sept 20
Top 10 Missed PlaceMaking Opportunities  |  Nathan Norris  |  Oct 18
Small Y’all: A Cottage Solution to the Housing Problem |  Ben Brown  |  Nov 15
Tactical Urbanism Testing Grounds  |  Mike Lydon  |  Dec 20

National Charrette Institute
Vancouver, BC | November
Online webinars

Urban Ag Summit
Toronto, ON  |  Aug 15-18

Rimini Conference in Economics and Finance (RCEF)
Toronto, ON  |  Aug 16-18

Denver, CO  |  Aug 19-23

Look into the Future of Downtown Coral Gables
With Rob Spanier of Live Work Learn Play
Coral Gables, FL  |  Aug 29

CNU Transportation Summit
Long Beach, CA  |  Sep 9-10

Pro Walk / Pro Bike 2012
Long Beach, CA  |  Sep 10-13

Public Markets Conference
Cleveland, OH  |  Sep 21-23

Upper Midwest Planning Conference
Madison, WI  |  Sep 26-27

Canadian Institute of Planners
Banff, AB |  Oct 9-12

Los Angeles, CA  |  Oct 14-17

Sustainable Mobility Summit
Hamilton, ON  |  Nov 4-7

Urban Economics Council
Ottawa, ON  |  Nov 7-10


New Partners for Smart Growth
Kansas City, MO  |  Feb 7-9

Chicago, IL  |  Apr 13-17

CNU 21: Living Community
Salt Lake City, UT  |  May 29 – Jun 1


Atlanta, GA  |  Apr 26-30

CNU 22
Buffalo, NY  |  Jun 3-8


Chicago Architecture Foundation’s
Lunchtime Lectures Chicago, IL  |  every Wednesday

Place Matters
with Dr. Katherine Loflin  |  every Thursday at 11 am Eastern
or via free podcast on iTunes

tweet chats
hashtag #cplan with Hazel Borys & guest  |  every 3rd Thursday at 2 pm Eastern

Form-based SmartCode

Have a great placemaking event that we’re missing? Please send us the link to Thanks!